Eva-Maria Vischi - Violin


Eva-Maria Vishi was born in 1985 in Weingarten, Germany, and started violin lessons at the age of 4 with Prof. Elstein in Oldenburg. Between 1998 and 1999 she was taught by Prof. Hoffmann in Freiburg and studied then in Florence under the supervision of Prof. Miguel Negri. She continued her studies in Freiburg with Prof. N. Chumachenco. Between 2002 and 2004 Vishi was a pupil of Prof. Rissin at the Academy for Music in Karlruhe.

Eva-Maria Vischi took part in the competition Jungend musiziert as soloist and chamber musician several times and received first prize. Since 1997 she has appeared as a soloist with various orchestras and also in duets with piano or harp.

She has been on concert tours to Belgium, Spain and New Zealand with the Negri Violin School and has also performed for radio and TV, including RAI-UNO in Italy, TV Gandia in Spain and WTV in Belgium.


She has been supported by both the Bruno Frey Foundation and the German Foundation of Music Life. In September 2003 she won the international Königin-Sophie-Charlotte Competition, for which she received the Giovanni Gabrielli violin from 1761 as a loan from the Maggini Foundation.


Vishi enchants her audience not only in her excellence and brilliance in playing but also in her stunning appearance and charisma. This combination of musical talent and appearance receives great sympathy from the press.