Ensemble Tedesco




The Ensemble Tedesco was formed from the group Streichtrio Tedesco in 1992.
The core of the group consists of Ladislaus Kosak (violin), lead violinist of the Hanover Radio Philharmonic, Uwe Fietkau (violin), member of the Hanover Radio Philharmonic, Franziska Bouterwek (viola), lecturer at the Independent Music Academy in Hanover, Sabine Angela Lauer (cello), freelance cellist, and Martin Schumann (piano), Professor at the Music Academy in Hamburg.
This ensemble performs classical chamber music in various constellations such as piano trio, string quartet, duo cello and piano, string trio, and piano quartet and –quintet.

The Ensemble Tedesco performs with various guests playing instruments such as flute, oboe, clarinet, harp as well as concerts for string quintet and –sextet and song.

In addition to traditional concerts, Ensemble Tedesco has developed a particular interest and enthusiasm for giving concerts with music and voice, as well as concerts with a particular theme, and programmes with music and word.